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Flu Detector (version 2; find more about version 1 here) uses Twitter content or Google search data to estimate influenza-like illness (flu) rates in England. Daily flu rate estimates reflect on data from the past 7 days. This website is supported by the EPSRC IRC project i-sense (Early-Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Diseases) and a Google Research Sponsorship.

Note that regional scores (i.e., everything but the scores for "England") are still under development. All estimates should be considered as experimental (see the website's disclaimer below).

Research Team

The research team behind Flu Detector is based at the Computer Science Department of University College London.

Vasileios Lampos
, Senior Research Associate
Bin Zou
, PhD Student
Ingemar J. Cox
, Professor in Information Retrieval
Past Members: Jens K. Geyti

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